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InfoQuest B2B Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Social Media Management, SEO and on-site updates

InfoQuestInfoQuest is a pioneering international company providing innovative business-to-business (B2B) customer satisfaction surveys to 102 countries.  They are able to get a response rate of over 70% from key decision-makers, which is excellent for any survey but industry-leading in the world of B2B customer satisfaction research.

InfoQuest UK already have a significant customer base but were keen to increase awareness of their full range of products and services across its social media following and further afield.

John Coldwell, head of InfoQuest UK, was looking for a managed solution that would provide high-quality, high-frequency content on its social media channels, that would inform and engage.  The kernel of content was already there through a number of thought-provoking blog articles from John about InfoQuest's products and business in general.  InfoQuest's need was to have this information, plus key facts about their products and services, distilled into social media content, posted every day.

John said: "It was very important for someone to be able to capture what we do for businesses, our overall philosophies and some wider industry thoughts, every day, in 140 characters.  Enbecom's offering matched our expectations of what we were looking for and the actual results have exceeded our expectations ever since."

Enbecom were able to listen to John's requirements, gather the content that would form a foundation for the project and suggest a number of powerful ways to comprehensively communicate InfoQuest's product range, overall ethos and industry comments in the ever-changing context of social media.  Once the planning was complete, Enbecom quickly set up the technical infrastructure and got posting.

John ColdwellJohn added: "One of the best things about the service is that I can get on with managing the operations of our business while our social media looks after itself.  Well, it's actually being well looked after, but it really feels like we don't have to get involved."

Following the initial success of the social media campaign, which is still ongoing at the time of writing, John approached Enbecom for some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work, to further improve on search engine placement, as well as some on-site code and graphical work to improve the navigation of the InfoQuest UK website.  It's a further project that's reaped dividends for John.

John's final comments were on the joined-up thinking put to use: "Every piece of work Enbecom does for us has been designed to work with everything else that they've done for us, as well the rest of our web setup.  Nothing's been done in isolation - it all links up really nicely and has helped us generate more interest, more traffic and more leads."

InfoQuest UK continue to benefit from Enbecom's work.

Disclaimer: Enbecom is unable to endorse or recommend any products or services provided by the subject of case studies.

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