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Why do I need SSL?

Quite simply, any website which includes an online store or asks for any personal information (even just a Contact Us form) should have an SSL certificate.

It's been well publicised that Internet security is a key concern for the browsing and shopping public. That "golden padlock" is vital to showing customers how seriously your business takes security.

Having security on your site can also help boost your search engine placement.

You can...

  •  Gain a competitive advantage by appearing more trusted and more legitimate
  •  Provide assurance to your customers that their data cannot be tampered with or forged
  •  Ensure that your customer's sensitive data is transmitted securely with strong encryption
  •  Contribute towards your placement on search engines that use site security as a ranking signal (including Google)
  •  Get an SSL Site certificate whether or not your site is hosted with us.

Why Enbecom®?

  •  We are highly professional, have been around since 2002 and have even longer experience in web design, technology and security.
  •  We are an authorised provider of Certificates from Comodo, who are respected worldwide as a leading international Certification Authority.
  •  We provide the latest SHA-2 certificates.  Older SHA-1 certificates already trigger warnings in some browsers.
  •  We supply 2048 bit SSL Certificates, the next generation industry standard which are trusted by over 99% of current internet users' Web browsers and most carry 128/256 bit encryption (dependent on the server and the user's browser). Certificates carry a warranty of up to US$250,000.

The TrustLogo - included with every SSL Certificate

A live, real-time site seal for your website pages - you get:
  •  Trusted third party validation of a web site identity
  •  Point to verify technology - no click is required by your visitors, they just point on the logo for an up to the second real-time site identity assurance request
  •  Extended site credentials available to customers who require a more detailed report of who you are
  •  Eye catching design literally 'invites' visitors to verify your identity 
  •  Boost Customer Conversion rates - by effortlessly creating trust between your site and your visitors
  •  Unlimited verifications for your site
  •  Unique feedback facility - see how many customers need to validate your identity every day

Single Hostname or a Wildcard?

This is a quick one to answer:

  •  If you want security on just one hostname (e.g. www.enbecom.net but NOT enbecom.net or anything-else.enbecom.net) then you want a Single Hostname Certificate (one of the InstantSSL options).
  •  If you want security on the whole domain (e.g. www.enbecom.net, secure.enbecom.net, enbecom.net and everything.enbecom.net) then you want a Wildcard Certificate.

How easy is it to buy an SSL Site Certificate and add it to my website?

We think it's fairly straightforward, but even if you don't agree, we're here to help.

  •  Choose and buy your SSL Site Certificate below.
  •  Once your purchase has been checked by Enbecom, you'll get an email with a link to your secure ordering page.
  •  Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on the web server which hosts your website.
  •  Follow the instructions on your secure ordering page and submit the requested proof of identity.
  •  Your certificate will be emailed to you as soon as validation has been successful.
  •  Load the certificate into your web server (we can provide instructions for installing certificates on a wide range of hosting systems) and the process is complete!

All the above is carried out for FREE for customers whose sites are hosted on Enbecom servers!

You may need to ask your hosting provider to supply you with a dedicated IP address for your website, and you may need to check that you can install SSL certificates into your hosting account. Of course, we'd like you to consider transferring your domain name and hosting to us but you don't have to!

What ID is acceptable in the validation process?

Click below to see:

Click here to check SSL Certificate validation documents

If nothing happens when you click the button above, click here.

What are you waiting for?

Make your site secure NOW!



Purchases of Digital Certificate products are subject to the Terms and Conditions of our suppliers (available on request by contacting us), as well as our own.  Warranties and Money Back Guarantees are provided and handled solely by our supplier.  The Terms and Conditions of our suppliers will be shown to you when you proceed through the Certificate generation and ID validation process.

For new startups - just the
site security essentials
  • Quick startup process
  • 99% browser recognition
  • For a single hostname
From £43.33/yr

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InstantSSL Pro
For e-commerce websites and
those collecting personal info
  • 2048-bit certificate
  • Unique TrustLogo
  • US$100,000 warranty
From £66.66/yr

Full Details & Buy Now

Instant Premium
For leading e-commerce sites
with high value transactions
  • Full validation process
  • Fast track support
  • US$250,000 warranty
£139.99 for a year

Full Details & Buy Now

Includes a domain and
all its subdomains
  • Ideal for complex sites
  • Multiple subdomains
  • Fast track support
£379.99 for a year

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