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This page is about PremiumSSL Wildcard certificates
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Wildcard certificates

If you have multiple subdomains to secure then a Wildcard purchase can save you hundreds or thousands vs the cost of buying individual certificates.

For example a single Wildcard certificate for enbecom.org can secure:

  • enbecom.org
  • www.enbecom.org
  • service.enbecom.org
  • products.enbecom.org
  • cheese.enbecom.org


It covers all first-level subdomains as per the examples above.  It doesn't include deeper-level subdomains, like swiss.cheese.enbecom.org, www.products.enbecom.org or contact.customer.service.enbecom.org.

You can set these certificates up on as many servers as you need, so you're not limited to putting all your services on one domain.

We use the latest SHA-2 technology with full business validation.

This could be the most cost-effective way to secure all your services, with excellent customer service as standard.

Key Features

  • Save money and simplify administration by consolidating all first-level subdomains on a single certificate purchase
  • Latest SHA-2 certificate
  • Full business validation, 2048 bit keys, 256 bit encryption, 99.9% browser and device recognition
  • Use the certificate on as many servers as you need
  • Unlimited re-issuance policy
  • $250,000 warranty

Business Validation

Take a look at our ID requirements

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Get secure now

Enter the domain for this certificate. For example, enbecom.org. As this is a wildcard certificate, it will include all subdomains like (for example) www.enbecom.org, cheese.enbecom.org, etc.


Purchases of Digital Certificate products are subject to the Terms and Conditions of our suppliers (available on request by contacting us), as well as our own.  Warranties and Money Back Guarantees are provided and handled solely by our supplier.  The Terms and Conditions of our suppliers will be shown to you when you proceed through the Certificate generation and ID validation process.

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