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UK Cloud Servers from Enbeservers

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It's time for the fresh option.  Build, test and run your website on our cloud servers.

Why a cloud server?

It's a straightforward, low-cost way to get a virtual server for your website, development testing, email management and other applications, that you can set up exactly how you want.  You can build the server with just the resources you need and install one of our ready-made operating systems or one of your own.  Once your cloud server is set up you can access it remotely from anywhere in the world and unleash the power of having your own flexible virtual server in the cloud.  Because it's virtual, you can scale up whenever you like - just get in touch.

Why get your cloud server from Enbecom?

  • We've been around since 2002 and are experts in cloud hosting
  • We work with suppliers with fantastic datacentres, connectivity and reliability
  • We let you customise your server resources and scale them up and down whenever you need to
  • We set up and test each server by hand to ensure that it works first time.  We'll install CentOS Linux or Windows free of charge on your server and we can upload a custom OS for just £10
  • No minimum commitment - simply cancel your automatic payment plan to cancel the server.
A few FAQs

Who manages the server?

These virtual servers are usually self-service - that's why the prices are so good.  We set up your server and test that it's working, then we monitor the underlying network and infrastructure.  Apart from that, it's your server, so managing it is your responsibility.   However, if you have one of the two default OS builds (CentOS Linux or Windows Server) and would like us to provide a quote for full server management, please get in touch.

What OS / software can I install / use?

Pretty much anything you want as long as it's compliant with our policies and doesn't risk causing harm to the network.

What support is available?

If you require technical support then please open a support ticket.  You can also call us for general advice.  If you'd like us to look at an issue that isn't connected with the underlying infrastructure then we'll provide a quote for this.

Are there any other options, such as multiple drives, backups, cPanel etc?

Yes! We don't include them on this page to keep it as straightforward as possible to get a server up and running, but please contact us if you have any bespoke requirements.

How does billing work?

When you sign up for your server, you choose the specification and add-ons that you want.  You then open an automatic billing plan with us.  Each month we'll bill you in advance for your server and add-ons rental, which includes an amount of data transfer.  Each month in arrears we'll bill you for any additional data transfer.  When you sign up, you'll see a maximum theoretical amount that we could take each month, but we'll only bill you for your server, add-ons and data transfer.  Cancel the plan whenever you want and your server will be deleted - it's easy.

Can I up/downscale my server?

Upscaling is simple.  Just open a support ticket and ask us how much more speed/storage/memory you need.  You can also change the amount of inclusive data transfer that you have.  Downscaling is sometimes possible, but more complicated, especially if it's disk size related.  Please contact us for help and guidance.

How do I access my server?

SSH (for Linux) or Windows Remote Desktop.

Are there any network restrictions?

There are two main things to consider.  Firstly, we block outbound connections to smtp, ftp, ssh and telnet servers to prevent abuse of the system and to keep running costs (and prices) low.  If this will be an issue for you then you might want to consider our Enbeserver ProVM product which is our premium virtual server offering (see panel on right).  Secondly, if you're using a significant amount of data transfer over and above your pre-paid limit then we'll be in touch to ask you to immediately pay for what you've used and to increase your monthly pre-paid amount.


Build your virtual cloud server
Customise your addons
Professional firewall
Windows Web Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web
Plus monthly server fee £2.49
You pay this each month:
£Move the sliders

UK only.  Subject to Enbecom Terms and
Conditions linked from this page.

You can be billed up to a maximum of 650.00 GBP
but we only bill you for what you use.

Great Pricing

We let you build your server exactly how you want it, so you don't pay for what you don't need.

Just pay monthly - there's no minimum term.

As long as you have an automatic payment plan in place and your monthly payments are being made on time, your server will be running.  Just cancel your automatic payment plan to cancel your server.


CPU: £0.015p per core GHz per hour
Memory: £0.025 per MB per hour
Disk: £0.175 per GB per month
Data transfer: = £0.0275 per GB

Simply pay in advance each month for your chosen amount of data transfer (minimum 500GB) and additional data transfer is billed in arrears.

Monthly Server fee

Just £2.49 per month - includes admin of static IP address


Professional Managed Firewall: £2.99 per month

We'll set up a firewall and manage it for your server so you don't have to worry about it.  You can let us know if you need any particular ports opened/closed and subject to our policies and network risk, we will update your firewall for you.  This sits outside of your server, which helps with security.

You are strongly advised to set up a firewall on your server as well.

Software licences

Windows Web Server 2008
£14.99 per month

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition
£32.99 per month

We have other licensing options available for software that runs on Linux and on Windows operating systems.

If you want to upload a different OS to our standard offerings (CentOS Linux and Windows), we can do this for just £10 as long as it's legal, doesn't contain any viruses or anything else that would risk the network and it's provided as an ISO file.

IMPORTANT: It is up to you to ensure you make a successful payment to renew your server rental on time, in advance of each renewal date.  Even if you have an automatic payment plan you need to ensure that funds are available at the time of the payment attempt.  To the maximum extent permitted by law, we are not responsible or liable in any way for any direct or indirect losses relating to the cessation of provision of services due to non-payment.

Purchase of Cloud / Virtual Server products are subject to a number of terms and conditions, in part set down by our suppliers.  In particular you must read and adhere to the Enbeservers Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy as well as our overall Terms and Conditions, all of which are available via our Terms and Conditions index page.

Enbeserver ProVM

If you're looking for a more powerful Virtual Server offering for high-end applications that includes advanced infrastructure, a variety of configuration options and more 'hands-on' support, then you might prefer our Enbeserver ProVM virtual servers.  We think that this is the next best thing to having full dedicated server hardware.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we'll put together a great package for you.  Give us a call on 020 7099 8730 or use our contact form.

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