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High-reliability dedicated servers with great prices and service.


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Here's some information about the data centres which Enbeservers use:


Our suppliers use a number of UK datacentre facilities, including in Manchester, Fareham and Reading. Both have state-of-the-art facilities, top-quality connectivity and are manned 24/7 with skilled personnel. Having more than one site allows literally bomb-proof disaster resilient systems, and allows costs to be lower than London-based organisations.

Network connectivity

All data centres have dedicated gigabit fibre uplinks which take diverse routes via road and railways to a central London-based multi-point gigabit ring. From there the connections are peered with all the major UK backbones.

Internal to the datacentres, we ensure that there is no single point of failure up until the connection reaches your server.

Network diagram



There are Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) systems and sometimes generators, giving you total protection you from power failures.


We use high-quality & hardware in order to minimise the risk of failure. Most of our dedicated servers also use RAID(1), providing additional resilience against disk failures. We also keep hot-standby equipment on-site so that even in the most catastrophic server failure event we can simply swap the disks into a new, identical chassis.


There is a 24/7 on-site security presence with 24/7 internal CC-TV monitoring. In addition there are comprehensive security procedures including proximity access control and a hi-tech weigh-in weigh-out entry system. Only authorised personnel have access to the servers.


The data centres are equipped with the fire detection systems and halon-gas fire suppression systems.


All critical systems, such as UPS, generators and backup network links are tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are ready in the event of a real failure.

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