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The stage is set.

For maximum marketing impact you need to combine online and offline activity.  Online and outdoor, mobile and print.

If you have a brand to introduce, a product to launch or a service to promote, a live event is a fantastic way to generate buzz and focus.  The right people in the right location getting looked after in the right way at a memorable event could catapult your brand into a huge market and create excitement and buzz not in ways not possible solely online.  Getting people to feel your product or really get engaged with your service is engagement on a human scale, something that can make the difference between big and massive.

Backed by years of experience in organising and running events and having experienced some of the hottest new venues, we can help you find the right place and put you in touch with the right people to get the event your brand deserves and link everything in with your Enbecom-powered online presence.  From location to catering to visual effects, we've probably got some great ideas for you.  There's only one way to find out - give us a call or drop us an email.

Other traditional methods of marketing are still important to an all-round marketing strategy.   From ads in the local paper to a large-scale billboard campaign, we can help you link your real world activity to online, helping you make the most of both and improve your return on investment.  Whether it's driving traffic to your website through QR codes (those square codes that are on posters and adverts that you scan with your phone) to getting new loyalty to your brand through social media promoted on your posters, we're happy to give our customers the benefit of our experience.

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