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Geolocation can revolutionise your website, making it easy to find out where your customers are and automatically give them a wealth of relevant information tailored for their location, reduce the time between landing and buying and even help plan future national or regional campaigns.  

To see what we mean, try it out below - right now.  Plus, with the very latest web browsers, you can help customers locate themselves to within metres..

Let Enbecom help you make the most of Geolocation on your website - give us a call or drop us an email today.

Use Geolocation in your business to:
  • Deliver the correct country or even regional website for your customer straight away
  • Show customers your nearest outlets to where they are right now
  • Automatically calculate your customer's local stock levels or shipping costs
  • Reduce form filling for customers - they can just send you their location!
  • Map out where your site visitors are for planning future campaigns

In order to try Geolocation on this page, when you're asked by your browser whether you want to share your location, make sure you do.  If you have said 'Not Now' or 'Never for this page' or turned location services off completely, you'll need to enable the sharing of your location for this page to make it work.  Please see your browser instructions for details.

It can take up to 20 seconds for the map to appear due to geolocation doing its thing!

Get the latest version of Firefox, which we recommend for trying this page out.

NOTE: Enbecom stores NO information about your location.  For more information on how geolocation works with Firefox (an example web browser) and Google (the 'behind the scenes' geolocation provider), including their privacy policies, visit the Firefox Geolocation page.





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