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All this for 99p per month for the first three months!

Includes a .co.uk, .com or .org.uk domain name, email, web hosting, SiteBuilder Pro and more!


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Promote your business now. Or build a solid online presence for yourself or your blog. Quite simply, Enbecom is THE place to put your website.

We are offering a fantastic feature-packed web hosting package, with a great price of just 99p per month for the first three months, then only £2.49 per month.  This deal includes a .co.uk, .com or .org.uk domain name of your choice for as long as you subscribe!

Our one-off activation fee includes professional setup by hand where we endeavour to take into account any special requests, free advice on getting up and running as well as video tutorials on how to use the tons of features included in this deal. This one-off fee is just £6.49.


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Watch and find out why you should get your own home on the web with Enbecom.

Enbecom SiteBuilder Pro included with every web hosting package!

Use of Enbecom SiteBuilder Pro is up to you.  In case you want to upload your own site, you get full FTP access as well.

Here are the key features of this great package
Server Base Account Space 350MB The base account space that we give you with this hosting package - 350MB - is more than enough for most websites, including loads of pages, graphics, sound, videos, downloads and more.
Add-in other webspace Yes Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide free webspace and YouTube etc host videos on their own site.  So, as well as your Enbecom base webspace, if you need to, you can make your total webspace much bigger by adding any space from elsewhere, as you can link even more large videos, music files, downloads etc into your main website - this means that your final web site could be unlimited in total size - and all linked to your choice of domain name!
Max Transfer Per Month 2500MB 2500 Megabytes (approx 2.5 Gigabytes) of data transfer per month for files from your base webspace
Full online Control Panel Yes Control virtually all aspects of your hosting account, email and more with your full online control panel, using an Enbecom customised version of the popular cPanel 11.  Take a look.
Easily build your own website Yes Loads of free website building / content management tools, including Enbecom SiteBuilder Pro - get your website up and running in virtually no time at all!
Tested with a number of website content management systems  Yes Including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and many more - you choose!
Incorporate your Twitter feed Yes You can also incorporate your own Twitter feed into your website
Linking to Facebook, StumbleUpon, blogs, etc  Yes Take advantages of the extra advantages and visitors to your site that come with linking pages on your website to Facebook, StumbleUpon and a wide range of other blogging and social networking sites
Full FTP access Yes Access to your webspace by FTP
Scripting and Database Support Yes This hosting package offers access to the database system MySQL, plus scripting with CGI, Perl, PHP and ASP
Ready-to-run Scripts and Packages Yes We have pre-installed various scripts and packages on our servers, including a chatroom, forum/board and shopping cart facility - just install them free of charge from your Control Panel and they're ready to go!
No added banners Yes We don't add any automatic advertising banners or pop-ups to your site of any kind if you upload your own site.  (If you use Enbecom SiteBuilder Pro there's just a small 'created by' / 'powered by' message.)
Your personalised Enbecom® Control Panel powered by cPanel
You want complete control of your site?  You've got it!

The Enbecom® Control Panel, a customised version of the very latest cPanel 11, gives you full control over your website, email, databases, add-on options, files and more.

Your personalised Control Panel gives you the latest information at-a-glance on key stats for your website including disk and bandwidth usage, server performance, available email accounts and so much more!

Video Tutorials take you through every step of the way!

The features listed on this page are just some of the ones you can control!

cPanel 11 Screenshot
POP3 & IMAP Email Boxes Yes Access your email through your favourite email software on your PC or PDA (or even your mobile phone if it does POP3 email) - email to anyone@your-chosen-domain.com will go to this email box.  Plus a number of free optional separate, secure email boxes for different people, which could route easily to separate machines. POP3 & IMAP. Plenty of space for emails - they just count towards your overall account space.
Email Forwarding Yes Allows you to forward email to an existing email address, so you don't have to add new settings to your software
Three different Webmail packages Yes Access your email through your web browser from virtually any computer in the world!
Email Auto - responders Yes Allows certain email addresses to be set up so that an automatic response from the server is sent whenever email is received for that specific address
Create great websites step-by-step with Enbecom® SiteBuilder Pro
Works through your web browser Yes You don't need any additional software to use Enbecom® SiteBuilder Pro. Just use any modern major web browser.
Create unlimited pages and sub-pages Yes You're only limited by the amount of available account space.
Loads of templates to choose from Yes For the quickest, most hassle-free build, choose from one of many templates and colour schemes. Hundreds of combinations, all free of charge and royalty-free
Extra components built-in Yes Easily add a photo gallery with many albums, guestbook, newsletter, blog, FAQ page, contact form and more.
Free media Yes Flash, banners, bullets, icons and buttons. Plenty to choose from, to make your site your own.
Choose navigator style Yes Plenty of options for how your site visitors can navigate through pages.
Database Support
MySQL Support Yes Access to the latest MySQL database technology, directly through PHP or with PHPMyAdmin, the powerful web-based system
Webalizer Statistics Yes Full graphical and text statistics for your website, including number of visits to particular pages, search engine terms used to access your website, referrers to your site, locations of users, hostnames of users, and more
Bandwidth and Traffic Yes Gives you an overview of how much bandwidth your site has used.
Error Management
Error Logs Yes Bring up a list of the last 300 errors for your website through your online control panel.
Customised Error Pages Yes Customise the pages that appear when someone accesses a non-existent, missing or forbidden page for that professional look
Security Features
Password Protection Yes Accessing your control panel or your website to add/change/delete information requires a password.  Also, you can password protect individual folders to control access to certain parts of your site
SEO features in site design packages Yes Enbecom® Sitebuilder Pro and many other site design packages come with built-in Search Engine Optimisation tools to help your site get listed as high as possible
Search Engine Submit Yes Assistance with submitting your site to search engines
Search Engine Terms Stats  Yes Reveal exactly what people typed into a search engine to get to your site
Other Features
Online Forums and FAQs Yes Use our answers to Frequently Asked Questions to solve most issues or questions, or join an online community of Enbecom Solutions customers helping each other out with projects and solutions - it's up to you
Email technical support  Yes For account, server issues etc. we offer email technical support with ASAP response times.
Diskspace and File Management Tools Yes Allows you to keep track of how much of your allocated space is used/free, and allows you to manage/upload files through a web interface
Mobile site support Yes With the right tools, you can create a high-quality site for access from compatible mobile phones
Java and JavaScript support Yes Support for Java and JavaScript scripting technologies
Max 72 hour setup Yes Your account and hosting are usually fully set up within a maximum of 72 hours - but usually much quicker


Enbecom is UK based and you can contact us by email, phone, Skype and more.   We run servers in high-speed UK datacentres.   We do not bulk-buy or resell hosting.   You can pay by credit/debit card, Direct Debit, or PayPal account - you choose.   Also, there's NO MINIMUM TERM for this hosting package.   Don't want your hosting any more?   Just let us know!


You can get a new domain name - or you can usually transfer your existing domain name to us to benefit from this excellent offer. Monthly fees are payable in advance.  After the first year, you can continue on the package you're on, or upgrade/downgrade to one of our pay yearly packages at standard rates.

Buy Now! Here's the deal... with clear pricing
Your one-off initial fees Your first month's hosting fee (just 99p) and your one-off activation fee (£6.49).
One-off payment for months 2 & 3   This is your reduced monthly hosting package fee (99p x 2 = £1.98).  You pay for both these months at the beginning of month 2.
Amount per month after 3 months This is your monthly hosting package fee (£2.49). You get a free domain name for as long as you subscribe.
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Order here! Your chosen domain name?
Must end in .com, .co.uk or .org.uk


All use of Enbecom Solutions products and services is subject to Enbecom Solutions' terms and conditions, available at www.enbecom.net.  Make sure that your provider of any additional webspace (eg your Internet Service Provider) allows you to link to files from another location (this is usually allowed) if you intend to use their webspace to exceed the base webspace provided by Enbecom Solutions.  Rental of a domain name through Enbecom (whether newly ordered or transferred to us) is a condition of this offer (although a .co.uk, .org.uk or .com domain is included with this deal for as long as you subscribe).  All prices and features are subject to change.

The low price that we are able to offer you for this package does not allow for the administration and chasing of irregular or unpaid payments - they must be made on time, every time.  If payment is not made on time for ANY reason, 14 days' notice will be given before all services are cancelled without penalty or liability to Enbecom (the notice period starts from when the payment was originally due as it is your responsibility to make payment on time).  Repeated failure to make payment on time will mean that you will be switched to our nearest equivalent pay yearly plan and in order to continue your domain name rental and hosting you will need to immediately pay all arrears and an amount that we will calculate based on the remaining period of the pay yearly domain registration and hosting plan calculated from the most recent renewal of your domain registration with the registry.  For some domains the minimum domain/hosting renewal period is two years. 

No more than one active Enbecom pay monthly hosting deal per household and/or per address at any one time.

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