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Our mission for you

It's simple.  Our staff have the skill, flair, talent and experience to bring web dreams to life, whether you are a business or personal customer.

We have a number of clients.  Check out just some of them on our portfolio page.

Here's what we believe in:

  • Real Personal Service - With Enbecom, you'll deal with a UK-based expert every time.  Whether you're a web expert or beginner, we'll provide the right service for you.
  • Open, honest and fixed pricing - in most service industries, quoting is the norm - not here.  Fixed prices are what we're about - even for website design for smaller organisations.  A few types of work are quoted for, particularly for large jobs, but in most cases it's all there in advance.
  • Special requests, tweaks and customisations - Because an expert will set up and test everything you order, it means that within reason, we'll always try to accommodate special requests if, for example, you need a server set up just a little differently.  We may have to charge for this and occasionally even say no, but if there's a cost we'll let you know in advance.
  • We'll look after you - if we do, you'll come back and maybe even reward us with a recommendation.  If we don't, you won't.  It's as simple as that.
  • We do as much or as little as you want - we don't just design websites, we get them online too from start to finish.  We also do domain names, web hosting, website maintenance, interactive TV and dedicated servicers.  We do the lot, or we can just do a bit.  It's up to you.
  • We work smartly - we're proud to embrace technology and work with you by email, social media, phone, Skype and desktop-sharing tools.  Smarter equals better prices for you.  For our local and larger clients, we offer face-to-face consultation, for which fees apply.


Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions section before you order.

This is all set in stone as far as we're concerned - we only change our policies in exceptional circumstances, some of which are explained in other pages of our site.  For special requests, tweaks and customisations we reserve the right to make charges and/or deny requests, but we will always discuss any additional charges with you first.

We believe we're the number one choice for your web needs.

Any questions?  Any problems?  Get in touch.



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