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Is your website as healthy and as effective as it could be?  It's worth giving your website a regular check-up to make sure it's as effective, powerful and reliable as possible.

For just £39.99 + VAT (£47.99 inc VAT), we offer the Enbecom Website Healthcheck.  It's simple: a real person (not an automated computer system) goes through your website in depth, with a keen eye for detail and years of web development experience, in search for areas of improvement.  We then email you a bespoke report on your website.

Just to be clear: your Healthcheck and the report are done by hand, not by a computer.  We believe that a review of your site is best done through a real, fresh pair of eyes.

We cover a massive range of topics and the report gives details of key areas where your site can be improved.

Topics include:


  • Routes to buy / calls to action: is the way to buy now, or get in touch for a quote, heavily promoted - and clear - to customers?
  • Search Engine Optimisation: are you making the most of your meta tags and website content to improve your search engine placement?
  • Web standards compliance: is your website built to the latest web standards, ensuring maximum compatibility with the widest range of devices?
  • Social: is your site fully integrated with social media? Are you showing your social media statuses on your website? Have you implemented Twitter Cards and Open Graph?
  • Site design and layout: is your site user friendly?  Is everything clear?  Are the colours, designs, sections etc understandable to end users?
  • Newness: how up-to-date does your site look?  Are you updating it regularly?  Do you have a website blog?  Do you have out of date information on the site?  Is your copyright message still dated from years ago?
  • Site speed: is your page loading quickly?  Is there any speed optimisation you can do?
  • Security: are you using SSL throughout your site to encrypt information being taken from your website visitors?

These are the main points but we try to cover other areas if we reasonably can.

Like with a car's MOT test, we'll also give you information on next steps: we'll tell you what needs doing and we'll give you a transparent, detailed quote for doing the work.  Of course, the Enbecom Website Healthcheck report is only advice, so you are free to choose any provider to do the work - or not to make the improvements at all.  If you do choose Enbecom for the work, we'll get it done quickly, reliably, professionally and with our great customer service.

We'll also deduct the cost of the Enbecom Website Healthceck from the cost of the work we do for you to improve your website.

Please note:


An Enbecom Website Healthcheck report is provided in good faith based on extensive web development and marketing experience. All results may vary, for example in terms of search engine placement, enquiry levels and sales levels. We do not guarantee any particular level of impact as a result of making the changes suggested in the report.

By choosing to act on any advice given in the report you (or anyone choosing to act on the report) agree to the above and that to the maximum extent permitted by law, we are not liable for direct or indirect costs relating to results not being as expected.

If you elect for Enbecom to carry out any improvement work suggested in the report, we will of course carry out the work professionally and to the best of our endeavours. We are in part reliant on your existing domain name and web hosting provider to be co-operative with us when we require technical information and/or access to your domain name control system and web hosting. You agree to assist us to the best of your endeavours in helping secure the support of your existing provider and also to provide us with any information and/or carry out any actions we reasonably request, for the purposes of carrying out the work.

Please make sure you have read and understood all of the Terms and Conditions for all of our products and services displayed on our website, before ordering from Enbecom Solutions.