Hosting for WordPress websites

Full feature list for our WordPress hosting

bullet FREE migration of your existing WordPress sites from your current host*
bullet Customise your installation, manage sites and carry out key tasks from within your hosting panel
bullet Free SSL/TLS! Some hosting companies still charge for a security certificate for your site
bullet Rock-solid, feature packed hosting from a UK-based supplier with operations spanning three decades
bullet One-click login to any of your sites' WordPress Dashboards
bullet Manage automatic and manual updates for single or multiple sites
bullet Security hardening across a single site or all your sites with just a few clicks
bullet Create a staging site to try out improvements and changes behind the scenes - push live when ready
bullet Clone a site with ease - get off to a flying start with a new site, using a current one as a base
bullet Install and manage a range of Plugin and Theme Sets for great functionality and style
bullet Backups and restoration, with security rollback, to help take your site back in time if the worst happens
bullet Debug Mode to help you troubleshoot your site, plus Maintenance Mode with easy switch on / off

Get started with WP6G

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FREE Migrations of existing WordPress sites!

To qualify for this:

bullet All sites must run OK on PHP 8.1 or above and be malware/virus free, with a database smaller than 2GB, files less than 20GB and no bespoke code or processes which sit outside of the usual file structure
bullet Sites need to meet all our usual terms and conditions including on security, spamming and appropriate content
bullet Total site number, file and database sizes must not exceed the allowances on the plan you have ordered
bullet Everything needs to be run from a "normal" WordPress file structure, i.e. no bespoke processes on your hosting/server
bullet You'll need to order an appropriate Enbecom WP6G hosting package for the site/number of sites you have. Don't worry if you realise later you need a different package - you can upgrade
bullet You'll need to provide full access to your existing sites' databases and files, plus the domain control panel, or you can send us a full package of your website and manage the domain's settings yourself


If your site doesn't qualify for a free transfer, ask us for a quote. Using our transfer service is optional - you can move your site yourself if you wish.

Just to let you know that as with many professional WordPress hosting packages, the plans on this page do not include email accounts.


Planting trees for every WP6G annual plan sign up and renewal

View our virtual forest (representing real trees!)

Here's how it works:

¹ We work with Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions by supporting climate projects, including planting real trees. When a WP6G annual plan hosting invoice is paid, we will add one or more trees to our planting plan. We'll add the appropriate number of trees in your name - for privacy we will only use your initials. Through Ecologi we are planting a native and biodiverse mix of tree species in their planting sites around the world. Their planting projects help to support local communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers.