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Hosting packages available with this offer:

Ideal for CMS-based websites such as Drupal, or static HTML sites. Annual savings available.
£6.99/month (ex VAT)
£83.99/month inc VAT
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  • DISK
    Unlimited accounts
    Connect up to 10
Pro WP hosting for businesses and agencies. Trees planted for annual sign-ups and renewals.
£11.99 inc VAT/mo
From £119 inc VAT/yr
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    Clone, stage & more
Just pay for what you use. Base price includes 1GB hosting space and 30GB data transfer.
From £1/month (ex VAT)
From £1.20/mo inc VAT
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    from 75p/mo/DB

Component rates exclude VAT.
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Why bring your website to Enbecom?

bullet Rock-solid hosting from a UK business with operations spanning three decades
bullet Free SSL/TLS! Some hosting companies still charge for a security certificate for your site.
bullet Planet friendly! We plant trees for transfers to us - and for renewals of many hosting plans.
bullet All hosting servers kept up to date with the latest PHP, MySQL and 64-bit operating system
bullet A commitment to personal service, not copy-and-paste responses
bullet We pay you to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues through the Enbecom Affiliates scheme
bullet Feature-packed web hosting with loads of great site management tools
bullet Best of both worlds billing, with inclusive allowances and simple-to-understand per-GB rates if you use a bit more


It's easy to move:

1: Order

Use the domain box at the top of the page to get started.

The usual option is to move your website with its domain name. You pay for 1 year's extra domain rental, which gets added on to your existing expiry date.

Or if you would rather keep your domain with its current provider, that's fine.

2: Transfer

We'll move your website's files and database (and domain, if you wish) and sort out all your domain's DNS records so your website and email keeps working throughout the transfer.

If your email accounts are hosted with the same company as your website, we provide a guide to transferring your accounts and messages to Enbecom, or for a reasonable fee we can transfer all of your emails.

If you have a third-party email provider, perhaps Google or Office 365, you can keep your emails there if you prefer.

3: Done!

We'll let you know when the transfer is complete.

Remember to close your old hosting account if you don't need it any more. Consider backing up any data held there, before you cancel.


To qualify for the work to transfer your site to be carried out for FREE:

bullet Your site needs to be created with WordPress, Drupal, Magento or plain HTML/CSS (other types of site may also qualify - please get in touch)
bullet It must run OK on PHP 8.1 or above and be malware/virus free, with a database smaller than 2GB, files less than 20GB and no bespoke code or processes which sit outside of the usual file structure
bullet It needs to meet all our usual terms and conditions including on security, spamming and appropriate content
bullet You'll need to order our Silver Hosting package (£5.99 inc VAT per month) or above, as appropriate for the size of your site. Don't worry if you realise later you need a different package - you can upgrade
bullet You'll need to provide full access to your existing site's database and files, plus the domain control panel, or you can send us a full package of your website and manage the domain's settings yourself


If your site doesn't qualify for a free transfer, ask us for a quote.

Using our transfer service is optional - you can move your site yourself if you wish.


Planting two trees for every new client when they transfer their first site

View our virtual forest (representing real trees!)

Here's how it works:

¹ We work with Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions by supporting climate projects, including planting real trees. When at least one existing website has been transferred to a new client's Enbecom hosting plan, we will add two trees to our planting plan. We also add a tree each time selected annual hosting packages are renewed. We'll add the trees in your name - for privacy we will only use your initials. Through Ecologi we are planting a native and biodiverse mix of tree species in their planting sites around the world. Their planting projects help to support local communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers.