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With so much competition around, stay ahead of the game by keeping your website's content up to date.

Let us update your website design and content, either as a one-off service, or as part of a regular maintenance agreement so you have a number of hours' work from us every month for a fixed spend, saving on our usual rates.

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Some important terms

Additional hours charged at our standard professional rate.

If your website is hosted elsewhere, we are in part reliant on the co-operation of you and your existing domain / hosting provider and we ask that you do everything you can to help facilitiate this.  We aim to take backups of your website and underlying database before carrying out significant software updates so please ensure that if your site is hosted elsewhere, facilities are available to make and restore backups.  You should aim to take regular backups yourself.  Technical work can be unpredictable in terms of results depending on a number of factors such as customisations and the ability of different software modules to work with each other.  We reserve the right to refuse any order in whole or in part and this includes (but is not limited to) if we are unable to work with your website and/or hosting provider.  Your site will usually need to be suspended (e.g. 'under maintenance' will be shown to site visitors, who will not be able to access anything) while work takes place.

All use of Enbecom Ltd products and services is subject to Enbecom Ltd's terms and conditions, available at

A continuous payment authority must be in place whilst pay weekly or monthly services are being used (unless explicitly agreed otherwise by us in writing).  The prices that we are able to offer you for pay weekly or monthly services do not allow for the administration and chasing of irregular or unpaid payments - they must be made on time, every time.  If payment is not made on time for ANY reason or if a continuous payment authority is cancelled without a new one being set up within 24 hours, 14 days' notice will be given before all services are cancelled without penalty or liability to Enbecom (the notice period starts from when the payment was originally due as it is your responsibility to make payment on time).  Many of our services have a minimum term, e.g. 12 months.  Failure to make payment on time (i.e. twice) or cancellation of your service within the minimum term will mean that all payments for the minimum term will immediately become due.  Once the minimum term is paid for, services will be provided, for the period paid for.