Here's the key points:

  • Sign up for the Enbecom Affiliate Programme and, if accepted, use a variety of personalised links to recommend our products and services to others.
  • If someone visits our website using one of your links and goes on to make a purchase of Web Hosting, Social & Blogging Plans, Website Healthchecks or Email Marketing plans within 90 days of the initial visit from your link, you will earn commission to the value of 20% on their ex-VAT spend on that item.
  • This commission is paid on an ongoing basis so you keep earning while they continue to spend on that item with us (subject to some terms and conditions).
  • If a client is successfully referred for Web Hosting and they upgrade their plan, your commission in future will increase (downgrades will impact on your commission too, though).
  • Once you've earned £40 in referral fees, you can request credit against future invoices, a bank transfer* or PayPal payment*. (*Minus any payment fees)
  • Commission is added to your account 40 days after the relevant spend, to allow a little time for changes of mind and transaction/account/service issues.
  • Access reports fed directly from our Affiliates system showing your earnings and giving you access to payouts.

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By signing up for the Enbecom Affilliate Programme, you agree to be bound by the Affiliate Agreement.