PHP 8.0 is here! Available on all our hosting plans

We're pleased to announce that the latest and greatest version of PHP - 8.0 - is now available on all our currently available web hosting plans. PHP is the language behind millions of websites, powering WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and loads more off-the-shelf and custom web applications. The improvements and new features include: Union ... Read More »

10th Dec 2020
Nominet Accredited Channel Partner status - price reductions and more

As you may be aware, Nominet is the UK’s main domain registry. They run the .uk domain space. We're pleased to announce that Enbecom is now a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner as well as being a full Nominet Member, meaning that we now connect directly with Nominet’s systems for .uk domain registrations. This includes, .uk,, ... Read More »

11th Nov 2020
Keeping your .eu domains after Brexit transition

We've been asked about the possibility of keeping ownership of .eu domains after the Brexit transition period.  At the time of writing, the situation is that after 31 December 2020, .eu domains registered to a UK resident business or individual will stop working. A domain can be retained if it's registered or transferred to an EU business or - ... Read More »

28th Oct 2020
New year, new host

Welcome to 2020!  May the year - the decade, in fact - bring you happiness... and success for you and your business. Our latest advertising campaign is all about the great benefits of moving a website to Enbecom.  Just four of them are: Free SSL on sites hosted here Modern, reliable hosting with up to date software platforms Personal ... Read More »

1st Jan 2020
Welcome to the new Enbecom website

A very warm welcome to the brand new Enbecom website.   Over 16 and a half years, the website has been through a number of incarnations and this is the latest one. This time, it's not just the website frontend that has been updated.  We have a brand new account control panel and billing system to give you more control over your hosting plans ... Read More »

1st Apr 2019
Synced Calendars and Contacts with our Hosting Plans

We're pleased to let you know that you can now sync your webmail contacts and calendars between your smartphone, tablet and desktop through your Enbecom Hosting Plan.  This includes iOS based devices.  You can also see your Contacts and Calendars online with just your web browser.  What's more, there's no extra charge for this ... Read More »

1st Sept 2015
WordPress 4.3 is out!

The WordPress team's recent work has massively paid off with their latest update - 4.3. The latest release has been nicknamed “Billie” in honour of jazz singer Billie Holiday, it's available for download or update in the usual way and offers a wealth of new features: Menus in the Customizer Formatting shortcuts Much better system for ... Read More »

28th Aug 2015
Websites hosted with us - keeping site software up to date

There's been a number of high profile website compromises in the last couple of weeks.  One in particular appears to have seen thousands of pieces of very sensitive personal information taken and then published for anyone to see on the web. So, it's quite timely to be writing about this. No matter what the size of your business or website, it's ... Read More »

25th Aug 2015
Webmail Improvements

We're pleased to announce some improvements to your Enbecom Webmail experience, which will be with you in the next few weeks. At the moment, when you first log to the webmail system you are asked to choose one of three software applications to manage your email, contacts and calendars. You probably use the same application every time.  ... Read More »

3rd Feb 2015
Time for a New Year check-up on your website?

It's a good time to check that your website will be as effective as it could be in 2015.  Here's some things you should look at: Products and Prices: are your latest products and prices on the site?  Are your products/services still competitive?  Search Engine Optimisation: is your on and off site SEO as effective as it could ... Read More »

6th Jan 2015

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