What you need to know about lifestyle creep

On the surface, you look successful. You’ve been climbing up the career ladder with one higher paying position after the next, or your business is growing month-on-month. Yet, your savings are low, and your life goals still lie far out of reach. You may be experiencing lifestyle creep. That’s when your expenses keep increasing along with ... Read More »

6th October 2022
Effective public relations strategies for small businesses

Are you missing out on valuable opportunities because your small business can’t afford a fancy PR firm? Organisations of any size can benefit from public relations, and there are many techniques that you can use on your own. In fact, you probably engage in PR as you go about your customer service and other daily tasks. Becoming more ... Read More »

5th September 2022
Copywriting and branding essentials for your business

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of your brand strategy. The copy your business puts out embodies your brand’s personality. Whereas content is a way you reach your customers through blogs, social media, eBooks, or email, copy is the writing you use to call people to action. Well-written copy uses language that speaks to and ... Read More »

5th August 2022
Entrepreneur tips - ending your friendship with the snooze button

For most people, mornings are the most productive part of their day. However, many of us waste some of those precious morning hours just trying to wake up! Then, by the afternoon and evening, we get hungry, tired, or even bored. Why? Well, our brain has already begun to slow down for the day and we don't tend to be as sharp as we'd ... Read More »

3rd July 2022
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