As the UK hosts the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), the world leaders along with climate experts and campaigners descended onto the Scottish Event Campus (SEC), Glasgow to discuss how they should tackle climate change.

Action is urgently needed and businesses must look at the impact they are having on the environment and make changes to protect the planet.  Here at Enbecom, we thought this would be the perfect week to provide an update on our own climate supporting initiatives.

We have a strong sense of responsibility to our clients - and the planet.  That's why we are now planting trees - at home and abroad - as well taking a "climate positive" approach to the operation of the business.  We work with Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions by supporting climate projects, including tree planting.

We have already been involved in this for several months and, with well over a thousand trees already planted, the feedback so far has been great.  As a customer you will also be helping to offset our carbon footprint because for each new sign up, or renewal of most hosting plans, and on selected invoices once payment is made, we will plant a tree in our forest (our virtual collection of real trees around the world).  You can now actually view our forest and see what types of trees out of the 1375 that have already been planted. 

If you are looking to help the environment and want to start your own eco-friendly journey, you can find out more about how our partnership with Ecologi is helping offset our carbon emissions.  You can look at setting up your own forest and help plant even more trees by signing up.  There is no better time than today to help the environment and tackling climate change.  Everyone can do something to help the environment.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your business run its website and email in a more eco-friendly way, then we look forward to working with you soon.

4th November 2021

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