Here at Enbecom we are committed to supporting the planet, as well as our clients.  We try to run our business responsibly and part of this is supporting specific eco-friendly initiatives worldwide.

Over the last month, as well as planting trees based on invoice payments and service sign-ups and renewals, we’ve supported two particular projects:

Capturing waste biogas for energy in Turkey

The Kayseri Molu Landfill Gas to Energy Project is a large-scale project to capture the landfill methane released from existing landfill area, and convert it into electricity.

Over 90% of the waste in Turkey is sent to landfill sites, where the organic processes release greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere. Landfill sites are one of the largest sources of methane emissions worldwide and it is estimated that methane accounts for over a third of toady’s anthropogenic global warming.

The project benefits are twofold, with the captured biogas being used to generate electricity. It prevents the harmful methane being released into the atmosphere but also reduces emissions by displacing emissions-heavy fossil fuel-generated energy in the national grid.

According to Ecologi, this project will avoid 30,153 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Wind power project in Mexico

Mexico has significant wind power potential but despite this, in 2009 it only generated 0.13% of the world’s wind power. The country has since made progress, with wind power accounting for 6.36% of it’s electricity supply in 2020, compared to 0.24% in 2009. However, greater wind power capacity is crucial for Mexico to transition away from fossil fuels, which still account for over 90% of its energy generation.

Overall, the project is expected to prevent the emissions of 245,015 tonnes of CO2e annually and operate for at least 20 years.

This wind power project in Mexico is part of a larger initiative involving two other wind turbine sites. These projects have had significant impact on sustainable development in the local area, working with organisations such as MEXFAM, the Espíritu de Ayuda foundation and educational institutions. Funding from the projects has helped improve health services, education, and employment in the local community, as well as supported biodiversity through land restoration, bat monitoring, vertebrate rescue, and bird observation towers.

This project has also educated over 1,000 children about the importance and value of nature.

To see what we’ve been supporting, see our profile here and if you’d like to get involved in our eco mission, buy one of our hosting plans or you can go even further by signing your business up with Ecologi.

Please note: the information in this post is correct to the best of our endeavours and knowledge at the original time of publication. We do not routinely update articles.