Here at Enbecom, we want to play our part in providing a better future for our planet and this doesn’t just stop at planning trees.

In August, by partnering with Ecologi, we have helped to fund a project that is helping to avoid methane emissions from landfill in Brazil and a solar power project in Morocco that prevents 33,775 tonnes of CO2e emissions each year.

Solar power project in Morocco

Morocco heavily relies on fossil fuels, with 57% of primary energy from oil and 33% from coal. Despite vast solar and wind potential, solar power accounted for less than 2% of 2021’s energy mix. Morocco is also a net importer of energy, and the country is steadily developing new sources of renewable energy to meet the rising domestic demand.

The Ouarzazate solar station is one of the largest global concentrated solar project, utilising concave mirrors to generate 582 MW of power. With up to 7 hours of stored solar energy, it can provide power beyond daylight and the region’s abundant sunlight makes it an ideal location. The project generated 7,000 local jobs and fosters cooperatives, education, and skills. It also offers healthcare services and supports local medical facilities, including an ultrasound system. The purchase of a school minibus for the local community has helped to reduce dropout rates.

Avoiding methane emissions from landfill in Brazil

We also made a further contribution to Macaúbas Landfill Gas Project in Brazil, which focuses on the collection, use, and flaring of landfill gas at a site in Sabará, Minas Gerais. This project has successfully reduced emissions by 102,580 tCO2e during its current monitoring phase, as well as generating employment opportunities and contributing to the electrical grid through electricity export. These are all vital contributions in a country that ranks as the 5th largest waste producer globally.

You can see our profile here to learn more about these projects and other ways we have been helping. If you’d like to help support these projects too, you can also sign your business up with Ecologi or by purchasing one of our hosting plans.

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