We have loved being able to see the impact that our contributions to Ecologi have made this summer, with a number of exciting projects being supported.

In May, we helped to prevent an average of 43,410 tonnes of through a project that is turning organic waste into electricity in India, as well as helping protect habitat that is thought to be home to up to 10% of the world’s remaining Bornean orangutang population.

June saw funding going to a project that distributes cleaner cookstoves in Keyna, which will mean 2,400,000 tonnes of woody biomass are saved every year.  A wind power project in Mexico helped 1,000 children in Mexico receive education about the importance and value of nature.

In July we helped to fund a project avoiding methane emissions from landfill in Brazil, that is expected to produce 102,579MWh of energy during its lifetime, as well as generating wind power in the United States.

An incredible solar power project in Morocco that prevents 33,775 tonnes of CO2e emissions each year was supported in August, as well as more funding going towards the landfill project in Brazil.

Since we partnered with Ecologi, we have also funded the planting of 4,194. If you’d also like to help support projects like this, you can sign your business up with Ecologi or by buying one of our hosting plans. You can see our profile here to learn more about these projects and other we have been supporting.

Please note: the information in this post is correct to the best of our endeavours and knowledge at the original time of publication. We do not routinely update articles.