As we move into 2024 we’re excited to see the positive impact of our ongoing partnership with Ecologi, which not only contributes to the planting of trees but also supports projects around the globe.

In January we have contributed to a project repairing water boreholes in Eritrea, Africa. Eritrea grapples with a stark reality as only 19% of its populace enjoys proximity to clean water close to home, with many having to travel long distances or rely on unsafe surface sources such as rivers or open wells. Prolonged drought exacerbates this crisis, making it the second leading cause of death and disability in the country.

The Zoba Debub Community Boreholes initiative aims to address Eritrea’s water challenges. Leveraging borehole technology, the project drills up to 100m deep, installing pipes and hand pumps for sustainable clean water access. Many existing boreholes have fallen into disrepair due to mismanagement or proving to expensive, leaving communities without access to clean water. This project identifies, renovates, and implements maintenance programs to ensure consistent water supply.

In the largely rural Zoba Debub district, where inefficient stone fires are used for water purification, this project not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions from wood combustion but also provides a reliable source of safe drinking water. By improving health and alleviating poverty, the initiative contributes to the well-being of hundreds of households in the region.

If you’d like to help support these projects too, you can also sign your business up with Ecologi or by purchasing one of our hosting plans. You can view our profile here to learn more about these tree planting projects and other ways we have been helping.

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