Here at Enbecom we like to do what we can to support positive environmental impact and for over three years now we have proudly partnered with Ecologi. They fund real projects that make a real impact, with 80.7 million trees planted and 3.2 million tonnes of CO2e avoided that’s to the members of their community.

In April, as well as contributing towards the funding of tree planting, we helped support a project avoiding methane emissions from landfill in Brazil and another helping to conserve the Amazon in Brazil.

Brazil ranks as the world’s fifth-largest waste producer. The majority of waste is disposed in landfills, where it decomposes and emits methane, a greenhouse gas 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide, exacerbating global warming.

To mitigate this environmental impact, the Macaúbas Landfill Gas Project was initiated in Brazil. The project aims to prevent methane emissions from the “Central de Tratamento de Resíduos Macaúbas” landfill. Initially, landfill gas was collected passively, lacking a systematic and monitored flare. The project necessitated additional investments to enhance gas collection rates and install appropriate facilities to properly flare the methane produced, and electricity generation.  The project has successfully reduced emissions by 102,580 tonnes of CO2 equivalents in the current monitoring phase.

The Brazilian Amazon Forest, the largest tropical forest globally, acts as a crucial carbon sink, combating climate change and harbouring 10% of the world’s biodiversity. However, deforestation and shifts in land use, especially in agriculture, contributed to 23% of global greenhouse gas emissions from 2007 to 2016, with Brazil accounting for 63% in 2015.

Established in 2013 with a 30-year crediting period, the Fazenda Manoa project in southern Brazil stands out for its sustainable forest management, and is developing activities to mitigate climate change, reduce GHG emissions caused by deforestation and forest degradation, promoting social well-being and conserving local biodiversity. It has evolved into a sanctuary for over 780 species of fauna in the region.

If you’d like to join the Ecologi community to support projects like these, you can also sign your business up with Ecologi or by purchasing one of our hosting plans. You can view our profile here to learn more about the projects we have helped to fund.

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