How do I change the password of an email account?

If you want to change the password of an email account on Enbecom cPanel-based hosting then you can do this by taking the following steps:

Before you start: be prepared to update the password in the settings of all email software/devices you use for this email account, as soon as you have changed the password.  Why?  If a device keeps connecting using incorrect details, the account may get blocked.  If you find you can't access your email or website (e.g. it just times out after spending ages trying to connect), your IP address may have been blocked.  Please see the separate Knowledgebase article 'I can't access my website/email - it times out after trying for a while to connect'.

1. Log into your cPanel account.   You can do this directly if you know the details, or through your Enbecom account at

2. In the "Email" section click on "Email Account" Icon.

3. Scroll down to the "Account @ Domain" section and you should see your email account listed there.

4. If your email address is [email protected], you should see a "Change Password" text in front of your email. Then simply click on "Change Password".

5. Enter your new password or use a password generator
6. Click on the "Change Password" button.

Congratulations, your email password has been successfully changed and now you can access your email using your new password!

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