How do I setup a cPanel Email account with Mozilla Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is a nice email client software for managing your email. You can setup a cPanel email account with Mozilla Thunderbird and receive/send email.

The process below will work when you have your domain, nameservers and email with Enbecom.  If your circumstances are different, use the 'Manual config' option in Thunderbird (see button in step 5 screenshot below) and enter the connection information yourself.

Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

2. Click on the Menu Icon located on right side of the screen and then go to "New Message". The menu will expand.

3. Now Click on the "Existing Mail Account".

4. In Mail Setup Account, fill out your name, full email address like "", and the password of your email account. Then click on "Continue".

5. It can take a few minutes to configure your email account so be patient. Once it is done, you will need to click on "Done".

If you see a security warning, this means that not everything is quite right.  You should not ignore the warning; whilst it may be something you haven't configured quite right, it is possible that your connection is being intercepted.

A common reason is that you don't have an SSL/TLS certificate for, which under normal circumstances you would get but with some custom hosting setups you might not.  In this case you should be entering the hostname of the server on which your email is hosted as the incoming and outgoing hostname.  You can find this hostname (server name) in your cPanel.

We do not recommend confirming a security exception.  Instead, you should resolve the problem.  However, if you understand what you are looking at and are OK to proceed, click the "Confirm Security Exception" button and the warning will disappear within a few minutes.  You should then fix the issue in your settings at the earliest opportunity.

Congratulations, Your email is setup up successfully. Now, you can manage your email through Mozilla Thunderbird.

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