Does Enbecom support Drupal?

What is Drupal?

Basically, Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) which can be used to create great websites which can be managed easily.  It's massively extendable, with plenty of off-the-shelf plug-in modules to power anything from a basic blog to a vast e-commerce empire or reference library.  Some of the biggest and best websites in the world run on Drupal.

How easy is Drupal to set up and use?

Setting up Drupal can be fairly straightforward, however it can be more complicated than other, less technically-focused CMS platforms.

Two popular setup methods are:

  • Composer-based installation.  This uses a command line / terminal interface, where you enter a series of commands into a text-based connection window, to define which components you need, install them and keep them up to date.  It needs a degree of knowledge and confidence to get Drupal up and running this way but once you're familiar with the process it becomes easier to manage on an ongoing basis.
  • Downloading the installation files and uploading them manually to your hosting space.  This is a simpler process for many people, as it involves drag and drop file copying using software such as FileZilla.  However, it's only recommended for smaller, less complicated websites which do not need much maintenance.

In either case, Drupal makes use of a MySQL database within your hosting account to store content and settings.

Day to day management of content and settings is user-friendly with an advanced administrative system built in.

There is plenty of guidance on the official Drupal website to help you on your way.

Does Enbecom web hosting support Drupal?

Absolutely.  In fact, Enbecom has worked on and supported Drupal websites for around 15 years.  We recommend a minimum of Silver Hosting for bundled hosting or Enbecom Unbundled if for example you don't need email accounts hosted here.

The latest supported PHP versions are available on your hosting account (7.3 to 8.0 at the time of writing) as well as all of the minimum required PHP modules and some of the more advanced ones.  If you need a specific PHP module, you can make a special request via your Enbecom Account and we will see what we can do.

Can I move an existing Drupal website to Enbecom?

Yes - and in some cases we will do all the transfer work for you, for free.  In any case it needs to be up to date, malware free and able to run on a modern, supported version of PHP.  See our transfers page for more details.

Any other tips?

If you're starting a new website, we recommend Drupal version 9 if the core software plus the available add-on modules support what you are looking to achieve.  Drupal 8 has a wider range of add-on modules at the moment but this might only be relevant if you are looking for advanced functionality for your website.

As with all website platforms, security vulnerabilities are found from time to time.  Occasionally they can be very serious and risk total destruction of your site and theft of personal data.  To help prevent your site being compromised (hacked), it's vital that you keep Drupal itself plus any add-on modules up to date with new versions when they are released - and take regular full backups of your site.  We offer a Managed Updates service for Drupal websites but with time and the necessary skills, you can keep a site updated by yourself.

How do I get started?

Take a look at Silver and Enbecom Unbundled web hosting.  Once your hosting account is set up, visit the Drupal website to start planning and building your new website and get in touch with us if you need any support.

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