At Enbecom we like to take care of the planet as well as our valued customers. Through a partnership with Ecologi we support the planting of trees as well as many valuable climate projects.

In February our contributions went towards an Amazon conservation project in Brazil that will prevent the emission of 8,378,697 tCO2e over 30 years and a solar power project in Morocco that will prevent 33,755 tonnes of CO2e emissions each year.

The Brazilian Amazon Forest, the world’s largest tropical forest, serves as a critical carbon sink, and helps in the fight against climate change. It also harbours approximately 10% of global biodiversity while homing traditional communities. However, deforestation, forest degradation, and agricultural expansion are responsible for 23% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions globally from 2007 to 2016. Despite a decline in deforestation rates from 2004 to 2012, recent years have seen alarming resurgence.

Fazenda Manoa in southern Brazil exemplifies sustainable forest management, mitigating climate change impacts and preserving biodiversity amid neighbouring deforestation. Established in 2013, it emphasizes environmental education, research, and sustainable forest management practices. Integrated into Instituto Ekos Brasil’s “Commitment to Climate” platform since 2018, the project demonstrates a long-term commitment to climate action.

In Morocco, fossil fuels dominate primary energy consumption, with oil accounting for 57% and coal power for 33%. Solar generation constituted less than 2% in 2021 despite the country’s vast potential in solar and wind power. As a net energy importer, Morocco is actively expanding its renewable energy sources to meet growing domestic demand.

The Ouarzazate solar power station, a leading concentrated solar project globally, utilises thousands of concave mirrors to generate 750 GWh annually. Equipped with up to 7 hours of solar energy storage, it ensures power supply beyond sunset. The chosen region benefits from abundant sunlight, facilitating optimal energy generation.

Employing nearly 7,000 locals during construction, the project integrates cooperative initiatives, education programmes, and skills training. It operates a mobile hospital and supports the local medical centre, providing essential equipment like an ultrasound system. Additionally, the project contributes to community welfare by supplying a school minibus, reducing school drop-out rates.

You can view our profile here to learn more about these tree planting projects and other ways we have been helping. If you’d like to help support these projects too, you can also sign your business up with Ecologi or by purchasing one of our hosting plans.

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