Warning for non-secure websites

The Google Chrome Security Team are now seriously considering showing a message to visitors of websites that aren’t running on SSL/HTTPS, warning them that the connection “provides no data security”.  Take a look at the BBC News article and the information from the Security Team itself. This proposed warning could also be added to other… Continue reading Warning for non-secure websites

Changes to PayPal e-commerce sites connections

PayPal are making important changes to the way their payment systems communicate with e-commerce websites, to make them more secure.  Following the discovery of the POODLE vulnerability earlier this year, PayPal are taking action to stop SSLv3 connections to their systems.  This is happening in two phases – the first one is today (3 December… Continue reading Changes to PayPal e-commerce sites connections

Managing multiple currencies – considerations

The UK provides great opportunities for trading, but virtually the whole world could be available to you as an online business. If you’re thinking of selling abroad, one of the most important things you need to think about is working with multiple currencies.  Many customers will want to pay in their own currency, but how… Continue reading Managing multiple currencies – considerations

Time for Benny – WordPress 4.0 is available

WordPress.org have this week launched WordPress 4.0, with a range of new features that give what they call a “smoother writing and management experience”.  This new version includes: Manage your media with style: Explore your uploads in a beautiful, endless grid. A new details preview makes viewing and editing any amount of media in sequence… Continue reading Time for Benny – WordPress 4.0 is available

Heartbleed – none of our servers are affected

You may have heard in the last few days about a serious security vulnerability affecting many sites and services on the Internet called ‘Heartbleed’.  It’s quite a big problem for many sites and web technologies. We’re pleased to confirm that NO sites hosted on Enbecom servers have this vulnerability.  Our servers do not use the… Continue reading Heartbleed – none of our servers are affected