I can't access my website/email - it times out after trying for a while to connect

If you try connecting to your website or email but it takes some time and all you eventually get is an 'unable to connect' or 'timeout' error, it's possible that the IP address you're connecting from has been blocked.  This could be because you or one of your devices (for example email software on your phone) has repeatedly tried to connect using the wrong username and/or password.

If this happens, the first thing to know is that your website and email are almost certainly fully accessible elsewhere.  Although there are a variety of security measures in place, if an IP address is blocked, the restriction relates to that IP address.

Depending on the seriousness of the reason for the block, it might be possible to unblock an accidentally blocked IP address yourself.

Simply log in to your Enbecom account at enbecom.net using the same internet connection as you were using when you couldn't connect to your website/email and on the first page that appears after you have logged in, look for a box explaining the unblocking process.

If the box doesn't appear, try going to Support > Unblock IP Address in the top navigation menu of your Enbecom Account and follow the process to check for an IP block.

If no block has been found, your IP address is not currently blocked, so either the block has now cleared or the problem is different.  In that case try accessing your site/email once more and if that doesn't work, please check your connection settings to make sure they are correct.  If that still doesn't solve the issue, please get in touch by opening a support ticket.


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