The University Interview Guide Podcast

In 2013 we became the official web partner of Interview Guru, a suite of online interview e-learning tools for individuals looking to secure a job or university place. We’re now supporting the University Interview Guide Podcast, a series of twelve 20-minute episodes packed with discussion and advice on a range of topics, alongside excellent guidance… Continue reading The University Interview Guide Podcast

Some new bits on our website

As we head into Autumn 2013, we’ve updated a few things on our website. Firstly, we’ve added a new page about our great SEO services and social media management products.  We have some great deals there, including a great social media management plan for just £9.99 per month where we post to your social media… Continue reading Some new bits on our website

We’re sharing some web design, technology and marketing tips

As you might have noticed, we’re starting to publish some tips for developing websites, marketing your business and managing the technology that makes it all work.  Of course, we offer all those services for you and your business anyway, but for those of you looking to DIY we hope these tips are useful.  If you… Continue reading We’re sharing some web design, technology and marketing tips

Mobile Websites

Our fantastic new mobile site is now live. Visit us on your smartphone (at our usual address) for all your web needs. With 2013 set to be the year that more people use mobiles to get online than PCs, is your business ready for mobile customers? Mobile websites from £19.

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New video

Our latest video, All About Enbecom, is now available. Watch it on our homepage or on YouTube.

Site refresh

We’d like to welcome you to the latest version of our website.  There are some changes to the look and feel of the site, but the main differences are with how the site works and with the software powering it.  The new system we’re using at Enbecom means that we can provide a wider range… Continue reading Site refresh