Email Sending Troubleshooting

If you're an Enbecom customer looking for help with the sending of email through your Enbecom account, this page has some useful information.

The key thing to remember for both sending and receiving email, is that an email message doesn't just disappear without a reason.  An email usually passes through a number of servers and filters along the way to get to its recipient and the settings on those servers and filters, as well as what is actually contained in the message, determine what happens to the message.

If you're having trouble sending an email, first of all check that the email has left the device you're sending it on (computer, smartphone, tablet etc).  Is it still in the Outbox?  This usually means that there's an error in your email settings, like a port number set wrong or username/password incorrect.  Occasionally it can mean that the server you've sent your message to won't accept it.  If this is one of our servers, it could be because you've been temporarily locked out due to repeated password attempts, or there is something wrong with the message like an invalid recipient address.  Look out for any error messages that appear.  If you're using Enbecom Webmail services, any error message is clearly displayed.

If your email has left your device (or if you've sent it on webmail), it should reach its destination within a few minutes (sometimes even a few seconds).  However, depending on congestion on - or issues with - any servers along the way, a message can take up to 2-3 days to arrive.

If a message you've sent hasn't been received and you're sure you've sent it to the right address, look out for any messages in your email account that tell you that a message has been rejected.  The message subject might contain something like 'Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender'.  Depending on your email settings, these may arrive in folders other than your Inbox.  This rejection email will in many cases tell you why the email was rejected, for example that the email address doesn't exist any more or the mailbox was full.  It could be that you are in the recipient's spam filter or block list.  Or, there could be a technical problem.

Sending from an Enbecom email account on a domain registered here?   Make sure you are using SPF and DKIM authentication systems, which will help the emails you send avoid going into recipients' spam/junk folders (although it's rarely 100% certain).  Go to Authentication in your Enbecom Control Panel (not webmail) to check that they are switched on.   Note: your domain's SPF record must contain details of all systems that are authorised to send emails from addresses on your domain, so if you have any web applications, email campaign management or other systems hosted elsewhere, make sure they are included.  More information on SPF record formats here.

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