Email Postmaster Info - Guidance for senders of emails to our systems

If you're sending emails to accounts hosted on our servers, here's some useful tips to help your email get through.

We use a number of systems to help our customers and our servers in their fight against spam, so if your message is not getting through, then assuming that it has been addressed correctly, the chances are that it probably falls foul of one or more of these systems.

Here's some best practice:

  • All email must be RFC compliant.
  • All email servers connecting to ours must have good reverse DNS records
  • All email servers connecting to ours must not be an open proxy or relay
  • Don't put our MX records into your configuration files
  • Make sure you don't have any scripts on your server that can be hijacked for spam use.
  • Bulk mailing recipients should have propetly opted in to your mailing.
  • Bulk mailings should contain simple, clear ways to unsubscribe.
  • Senders of email must not do anything in an attempt to forge, misrepresent or hide an e-mail sender or site
  • Remove email addresses from bulk mailings that do not work (other than temporary delays)
  • Sending domains must have SPF records
  • Sending domains must use DKIM
  • Sending server IPs must not be on any of the main blacklists such as Spamcop and Spamhaus

The above is not an exhaustive list but contains the key things you should look out for.

As well as what our servers do to reject unwanted email, customers have a range of spam settings which may further decrease the chance of your mail getting through. For example a customer might set their spam threshold to a high setting or blacklist your email address.

We do not provide any support to email senders on getting messages through to customers whose email is hosted with us. However, we do provide technical support to our customers to help them receive email.

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