Email Receiving Troubleshooting

If you're an Enbecom customer looking for help with the receiving of email through your Enbecom account, this page has some useful information.

The key thing to remember for both sending and receiving email, is that an email message doesn't just disappear without a reason. An email usually passes through a number of servers and filters along the way to get to its recipient and the settings on those servers and filters, as well as what is actually contained in the message, determine what happens to the message.

If you're having trouble receiving a particular email from elsewhere to your Enbecom-hosted email, there are some things you can consider:

  • Has the sender sent the message to exactly the right email address?  Ask them to check the whole address, particularly the domain extension at the end (there is now .uk as well as and others - the same domain with different extensions could be owned by different people)
  • Are the sender's systems compliant with all the rules in the Postmaster Info list below?
  • Has the email been sent to lots of people?  Particularly lots of Bcc'd addresses?  This could have been considered as bulk email by one of the servers along the way (including ours).
  • Is the email being caught by your spam filter?  You can see your spam filter settings in your Enbecom Control Panel.  If you have it set to mark messages as spam rather than deleting them, then you will see the message come into one of your email folders marked as spam.  That way, you can change your spam filter settings to be less sensitive and/or to always treat emails from that person as not being spam.
  • Is the sender getting any rejection messages, which would help explain the issue?

Again, it's important to bear in mind that an email doesn't disappear without a reason; it just follows what the sender tells it to do and then the settings that the servers along the way have.

If you've checked all of the above with the sender and you are still having trouble receiving an email, then:

  • Try to get the sender to forward the failed message to an alternative email address.  If the sender forwards it, it will contain some information about the original message, which might help you to pinpoint what happened.  Also, ask the sender to try to copy and paste the 'Full Headers' of their original message into an email to your alternative address.  There's an option called something like 'View Full Headers' or 'View Source' in most desktop email packages.
  • Open a support ticket with us.  In it, include as much detail about the issue as possible, including the original email (and full headers wherever possible).  In the support ticket please confirm that you have followed all of the above steps.

We'll take a look at what you send us and try to help.  We'll let you know if it's our servers or the settings on your hosting account that's causing the issue.  If we've eliminated those areas, then the issue will be outside of our control.

Please note that we are only able to deal with our own customers whose email is hosted with us.  We do not provide any direct support to email senders on getting messages through to customers whose email is hosted with us.  However, we do provide the comprehensive information below for email senders and server administrators.

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